There are five kinds of digital money you can group under advanced money. These are critical for digital money financial specialists to figure out the resources you are putting and the primary spots. These determine they determine what you’re investing in and who can invest in the first place. From coins to tokens, stable coins to utility and security tokens, here are the primary kinds of cryptographic money you have to think about.

1) Coins and tokens: this is the biggest distinction in crypto currency. It is important to note that every crypto currency has either one or the other. The biggest and the most important difference between coins and tokens are that Coins have their own blockchain and Tokens do not. Major companies in crypto currency like Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple are coins. There is a decentralized, distributed system that records exchanges on a computerized record as they have their own blockchain. Unlike coins, tokens do not have it’s own blockchain. As for token creation the Ethereum blockchain is the most prominent stage. However you can hypothetically make a token on any blockchain. 0x (ZRX), Maker (MKR) and Basic Attention Token (BAT) are examples of ERC-20 tokens. They are a specific type of Ethereum-based token. At the end of the day, their convention exists ‘over’ the Ethereum blockchain. read more

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It is true that in the recent years, the crypto currency market did have its ups and downs. recent study by Gallup shows that only 2 percent of investors are currently purchasing Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. however,  one in four is intrigued. However, with the current world scenario, the nature of currency and payments are about to change. With the introduction of crypto currency, more and more countries are adopting or at least opening up to the crypto currency system. If you are not yet familiar with the crypto currency system, you should start getting familiar with this as the banking scenario all over the world is slowly but surely changing. Now, the use of crypto currency goes beyond your usual peer to peer payments. Here is how crypto currency is being applied in three ways which is beyond your usual peer to peer payments. 

To find the right initiative structure, Loyalty programs have long struggles on their part. According to the censures, the more than half of loyalty memberships in the U.S. are inactive. It also shows that as much as 30% of the Canadian and united stated loyalty users have left loyalty programs without ever redeeming a point or a mile. There is a possibility that the crypto currency can redeem or bring back the royalty users. There are some examples to show that the stores are encouraging the customers to redeem codes for loyalty rewards in the form of digital coins. These can be exchanged within a few months for other digital tokens or even for traditional currency. This means that the customers can actually redeem actual cash or equal value with the crypto currency. Some examples include Caffe Lattesso and EZ Rent-A-Car.  read more

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Which cryptocurrency for long term investment

Wondering which cryptocurrency for long term investment? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. There is no doubt that the market has a lot of cryptocurrencies to offer. But the truth is that not all the crypto coins are going to bring you a fortune.

So in case if you are looking ahead to invest in some good cryptocurrencies for a longer period of time. Then I am here to help you out. In this article, I am going to name some of the best coins that you should invest in.

So here we go:

Which cryptocurrency for long term investment?

Bitcoin [BTC]

First of all, there is Bitcoin. And there is no doubt that Bitcoin is the most profitable cryptocurrency out there. And it will bring you a lot of profit in the upcoming years. And there are quite a lot of experts who are hopeful about this.

Bitcoin is the most secure cryptocurrency that once can invest in. As well as Bitcoin is already getting used by so many companies out there. And this is what makes it hard for the other coins to beat bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization. And the price of the coin is going up only since the start. Of course, the coin has seen some major downs. But if you look at the price graph from the start, it is growing only. And the price will go way high in the future too. read more

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